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1) What are different types of Backdrops ?
We have both Printed & Hand Painted (customised) types of Backdrops. Printed Backdrops can be printed on 2 types of materials : poly & canvas. Hand Painted Backdrop are available on fabric, MDF boards or wood planks.
2) Are the Backdrops waterproof ?
Yes, all printed ones are waterproof. On hand painted backdrop, we apply a veneer coating to make the waterproof but be careful with stuff like haldi, coffee, oil etc.
3) What is the difference between Poly & Canvas?
Check this video :
4) Can the backdrops be rolled?
Yes, printed backdrops & hand painted fabric backdrops can be rolled. Don't fold them as it'll cause creasing, we ship them in cardboard tube boxes which can be used to store them after use.
5) How to clean Backdrops?
First of all, please note that these are not 100% stain free, especially if they are light in colour. And always keep them away from oil as there is no way to remove oil stains. But if you spill anything non oily, use a wet cloth to simply wide the affected area, in case there is any oil spill, use some talcom powder to soak up the oil as soon as possible. NEVER USE IRON or SOAP as it'll burn or remove the print.
6) Are these double sided?
No, these are all single side prints. Double side printing is only possible on paper based Backdrops which are with not waterproof or come with some form of coating which causes them to become stiff or glossy.
7) Are these glossy?
No, these are matte in finish, including hand painted ones.
8) What are the shipping charges?
We provide free shipping on orders over ₹600 in India. COD charges are extra.
9) I am being charged ₹100/- for ceramic products shipping although my order value is more than ₹600/-?
Handling charge of ₹100/- is applicable on Ceramic products.
10) International Shipping available?
Yes, we do provide International Shipping, DM us to get a quote for shipping cost. The payment gateway does not support international cards, we use PayPal for international transactions.
11) I chose Gpay as payment method but there is no next page after order is complete.
Gpay is a manual mode of payment, you have to manually Gpay to 8302403323 to complete payment for your order & aend a screenshot on Instagram or whatsapp numbers. 
12) Do you provide returns or refund?
Yes, just ping us in case of any issues, we'll try to solve it asap or refund.
13) Delivery time?
In India it usually takes 3-6 days depending on your location or other circumstances like lockdown etc.
14) Paytm accepted?
Yes, select PayU payment gateway, you'll get Paytm option under it.
15) How to use double sided MDF or wood plank?
You can put 4 coins under the 4 corners of the bottom side so that the bottom surface does not touch the lower surface. Wood planks are not water proof so in case of splas shots please clean the surface asap. Prolonged exposure to water or humid climate can cause the plank to bend over time. 
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